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MyDiagnostick Detects Atrial Fibrilation

MyDiagnostick is a product developed by ABS Medical Systems as a simple to use atrial fibrilation detection device.  Its design does not need any set-up and does not depend on any infra-structure or communication channels. Therefore it can be used by anybody at anytime and anywhere.

After holding the device for one minute, MyDiagnostick will either display a green indicator, which means that no AF was detected, or it will turn red indicating the detection of an episode of AF. (the red indicator can also be turned off by the doctor). MyDiagnostick will switch itself off automatically.

When a patient is using MyDiagnostick by himself, he or she can be instructed to contact the physician when the device shows a red indicator to conduct a more detailed diagnosis for AF.

Strong clinical studies show the devices’ effectiveness as a screening or mid-term monitoring device, which can store 140 recordings.

About Project

MyDiagnostick BV develops products monitoring devices to assist physicians to diagnose AF.  MyDiagnostick is seeking entry into the US market for their  products.

Corvitex provides the following marketing service products:

  • Market Research and Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Entry Services
  • Establishment of USA Distribution and Service

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MyDiagnostick BV

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