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About NightBalance BV and the Sleep Position Trainer

NightBalance BV is based in Delft, Netherlands, focuses on sleep with a strong R&D and clinical study focus.  Under development since 2007, the Sleep Position Trainer (SPT) by NightBalance for the treatment of sleep apnea has won many awards.  The research and development culminated in the 2013 commercial launch in Europe of the CE approved SPT.

It’s most important success-factor: Intelligent programming of a small, flat sensor.
What sets the Sleep Position Trainer apart is the type and technique used. The flat sensor allows someone to freely move around in bed which is important for maintaining natural sleep.  The intelligent programming ensures an effective and comfortable therapy. In this way the sensor trains people gradually through the use of soft vibrations to not sleep supine. The device measures the sleep behavior of the user and adjusts the vibration strength accordingly. For comfort, the device has a falling asleep period during which people who wish to fall asleep on their backs can do so if they wish. All the data from the sensor is displayed via the PC using the Sleep Position Trainer software, allowing the patients and the doctor to see how the device has worked. This feedback enhances the success of the therapy.

Clinical studies prove the effectiveness of the Sleep Position Trainer.

In 2011 two clinical studies were conducted by the Sint Lucas Andreas Hospital in Amsterdam and the Medisch Spectrum Twente in Enschede concerning the effectivity and compliance of the treatment using NightBalance’s Sleep Position Trainer.  The results show that it is an effective treatment with a high compliance rate.

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NightBalance BV develops products to treat sleep apnea and snoring.  NightBalance is seeking entry into the US market for their OTC and consumer products.

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