Founded in 2003, Corvitex Corporation is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our goal is to assist you to develop and grow your market opportunities.

Our market services are tailored for the aerospace and defense, energy and resource, life sciences, and security industries and other industrial sectors. Our market and global market services help you build stronger, sustainable ties with your customers and markets.

Tom Nolan – President

Tom Nolan

  • President & Founder, Corvitex Corporation,
  • Partner & Co-Founder, Constructive Edge,
  • Executive Committee, Global Offset and Countertrade Association

Tom has 30 years of international business experience.   Tom founded and has been president of Corvitex Corporation since 2003.  Corvitex Corporation has created inventive partnerships supporting SME’s in the energy and resources, life sciences, security, and aviation and defense sectors grow international markets, many through the use of industrial participation and offset obligations.  These programs are a result of Corvitex Corporation’s contracts with the largest, medium and small aerospace and defense companies in support of fulfilling their industrial cooperation and offset obligations.

Along with 5 industrial participation and offset industry experts, Tom co-founded Constructive Edge (CE) in 2016. CE is a professional services firm, which informs and aids aerospace, defense and civil companies in creating innovative offset and industrial participation partnerships and solutions from the capture management phase through fulfillment completion.  CE has offices around the world and the team has supported billions of dollars in international offset transactions.  Tom leads the CE USA affiliate.

Prior to Corvitex, Tom progressed through management roles during 14 years with Alcatel Lucent spanning telecom infrastructure customer service, development program management leading multi-national teams, and product management roles.  He contributed to the xDSL and fiber-to-the-user programs enabling wide adoption of voice, video and data to the home via the largest USA telecom companies.

Tom has served as an executive committee member of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association since 2014 and holds a B.A. from Indiana University, an MBA in international management from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Certificate in Management from Duke Fuqua School.

Corvitex is the combination of three latin roots: cor = heart, via (simplified to vi) = way and tex = weave, develop and build. Corvitex assist organizations build and weave stronger relationships with their customers, the right way!

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