USAF Listening JetOur global market services are designed to assist small and large aerospace and defense customers achieve success in their targeted markets.  Many of our customers are seeking support for international markets.

Our market services are tailored to meet the needs of the defense and aerospace industries to streamline complex business challenges.  Our industrial participation and offset solutions  include complete turnkey programs as well as simpler project based solutions.

Our programs can include training (internal and external), strategy and proposal generation and support, negotiation support with foreign government officials, supplier identification, foreign military sales support, marketing and sales support solutions, program management and implementation support.

For US based customers, Corvitex is a certified small business and can assist companies meet associated US government goals.  For international clients our relationships and programs can be tailored to meet specific market needs.

Our adherence to the highest ethical standards in supporting domestic and international clients includes our membership in Trace International.  “TRACE International Inc. (TRACE) has successfully completed a TRACE Standard due diligence review of Corvitex.  TRACE has granted Corvitex a certificate of membership signifying the company’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.

Corvitex Corporation is a member of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association.

Trace Intermediary Member


Global Offset and Countertrade Association

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